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  • Mobile Banking Home

    Mobile Banking

    Anytime, anywhere, any device. Customers are using devices like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android phones to do business. Expand your reach by adding a seamless,integrated suite of Channel technologies that help Customers deal with you, when and how they want.

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  • bank-in-a-box


    Let us manage your complete banking system - use our Bank-in-a-Box for 24/7 realtime banking 
    Rubik delivers a world class core banking platform to your browser, managing security and BCP/DR so you can focus on your brand and products

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  • cwx-collection

    CWX Collections and Receivables Management

    Businesses around the world are fans of CWX. They love it because their collectors love it. When you see what that does for cash flow

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  • Mobile Banking Home

    Phone Banking

    Everyone has a phone, Phone Banking is a valuable Channel by which Customers can do business with you anytime, anywhere. Deal with the company that provides more Phone Banking services to Financial Institutions than any other supplier in Australia.

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If you would like to focus on your customers and the delivery of world class products rather than the operation and management of the technology platform, Rubik has the solution.

We provide a complete core banking capability for financial institutions on a multi-tenanted, pay-as-you-go basis - reducing costs and allowing rapid product development.

You can operate your business anywhere, anytime, on any device. Your staff can access all the services through the browser, on iPhone or tablets with a genuine 24x7 real time core banking system.



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