Partnering with Rubik

Rubik is a trusted partner, providing technology systems to over 200 financial services organisations in Australia and in 16 other countries. With a focus on the end customer we are a reliable, safe pair of hands with a proven track record.

Rubik develops and delivers a "Bank in a Box" Solution for Financial Services institutions. When a Financial Services Institution initiates a business change program involving a new technology solution, there are invariably multiple partners involved in the implementation.

Rubik recognises this truth, and as a result one of our guiding principles is "Play well with others". To support this we have established the "Rubik Partner Network", an ecosystem of partners which enables us to extend our capability to help our customer deliver their business outcomes.

The Rubik Partner Network is made up of different kinds of partners, including:

Consulting Partners - Business Consulting Organisations, whose focus is to consult with Clients at the highest level to implement  change programs that improve business processes in order to deliver different business outcomes. As experts in business strategy and change, you look  to Rubik to provide the specific technology solution that will enable the business change you have positioned for your client.

Solution Partners - Like Rubik, you have solutions that provide value for Financial Institutions. Maybe your product fills a gap in Rubik's portfolio that meets a specific customer need, a need where you may be acknowledged as Industry experts. By your company partnering with Rubik we enhance each other's position in the marketplace, and offer a more complete and higher value-add proposition for our mutual clients.

Technology Partners - Rubik's solutions are designed and coded using the latest methods and technologies to create software which is robust, performs, highly scalable and easy to maintain. Our hosting platforms are designed to provide optimum service levels at value for money pricing.  We are always looking to enhance and  improve our solutions and service offerings, so if you feel you have technology that can help, we want to hear from you!

System Integration Partners - Many of the largest Financial Institutions choose to work with Systems Integrators, who take on the role of maintaining applications and processes and implementing new projects. All new solutions need integrating to existing applications and platforms, and over time the Systems Integrators builds up valuable knowledge of how your customers Information Systems work. Rubik is delighted to partner with Systems Integrators in specific customer scenarios, with the end objective of ensuring our mutual customers deliver the business outcomes they have targeted, on time and within budget.

Outsourcing Partners - as an Outsourcing Partner your goal is to deliver a contracted service level to you customer; You are  continually looking to deliver efficiencies which can help you improve your pricing models to maintain customer satisfaction, whilst at the same time protecting your margins. This balancing act can be very hard to achieve over the lifetime of an outsourcing agreement. Rubik's core proposition of delivering banking services at 30% less cost can be a valuable weapon in your armoury. If you are an outsourcer and your customer has that objective in mind we would be delighted to work with you to deliver that outcome.

Reseller and Implementation Partners - based in Sydney, Australia. Rubik manages our Australian and New Zealand clients directly. With customers in sixteen countries and offices in Singapore and Dubai, Rubik's goal is to grow our business throughout Asia and the Middle East. To do this we need Reseller and Implementation Partners in all of the main countries, and are currently looking to sign up new partners. If you can see an opportunity for your company to sell Rubik solutions in your country or region, then we should be talking.

If you are interested in any of the above partnering scenarios, and want to join the "Rubik Partner Network"  - contact John Duggan, Sales Director - Rubik Financial, either by email to, or by calling +61 459 580378.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Need to know more…


If you would like to focus on your customers and the delivery of world class products rather than the operation and management of the technology platform, Rubik has the solution.

We provide a complete core banking capability for financial institutions on a multi-tenanted, pay-as-you-go basis - reducing costs and allowing rapid product development.

You can operate your business anywhere, anytime, on any device. Your staff can access all the services through the browser, on iPhone or tablets with a genuine 24x7 real time core banking system.



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