Mobile Banking

Ask yourself: Are we providing our Customers "state of the art" or "state of the ark".

There is more to banking online than just a pretty screen. Nice presentation and ease of use is important, but what you can't see is actually important too.

Your Customers demand a lot from you

  1. 24/7 responsive access, anywhere, anytime
  2. secure, intuitive interface
  3. accurate, real time information and transactions
  4. convenient fit for purpose access points

You should demand more from your Suppliers

  1. reduced implementation time - deploy in weeks not months
  2. seamless cross channel integration - integration is important otherwise you risk just adding another maintenance nightmare
  3. proven scalability with minimal hosting requirements
  4. configurable, not hard coded settings, controls and branding 

Rubik brings experience with integration to more systems than any other vendor. This reduces implementation time, reduces risk, and reduces up front costs. Use of current and supported development platforms provided by MicroSoft, delivers proven scalability, whilst also reducing the hosting requirements, meaning less servers and a lower running cost. The proven design, delivers bullet proof reliability reducing the demand on your organisations valuable time.

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Need to know more…


If you would like to focus on your customers and the delivery of world class products rather than the operation and management of the technology platform, Rubik has the solution.

We provide a complete core banking capability for financial institutions on a multi-tenanted, pay-as-you-go basis - reducing costs and allowing rapid product development.

You can operate your business anywhere, anytime, on any device. Your staff can access all the services through the browser, on iPhone or tablets with a genuine 24x7 real time core banking system.



Our Partners
  • Vasco - The Authentication Company
  • Abuzz Solutions
  • Aculab
  • Dialogic - Making Innovation Thrive
  • IBM Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner